Protecting SMBs devices from cybercriminals

The SpartanGuard protects your Windows, Apple and Android devices from malware and numerous attack vectors and most importantly, creates a link to our remote monitoring support teams.

We secure your future 24/7

We protect your devices so that cybercriminals have no access point to take control of your device and no door through which to escape with your data. Our teams make sure you can sleep soundly.


Deployment of infrastructure and configuration of event collection within your environments

Linking to our 24/7 monitoring environment


Deployment on your SpartanGuard devicesIncident and monthly reportsAutomatic isolation of the device in case of compromise


Reaction to security alertsInterventions on devices if requiredTechnical support in the event of a cybersecurity incident


Comprehensive incident and monthly reports that give you complete visibility into the security of your devices.

Our remote monitoring teams have the mission to intercept and block any attacks on your devices.

An intuitive dashboard and seamless onboarding.

Upon enrollment, we inform you of the security status of your devices. As your devices are added, you can see the effect on your overall security score. This gives you increased visibility into the state of the nation.Each user, once deployed, will be able to compare the security status of their device with their colleagues, and thus create an internal community dedicated to improving your company's cybersecurity posture.

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